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Review of Study § Steady

SubjectStudy § Steady
Study § Steady
ByVote: 1texasdice on 2021-08-19
ReviewI have plenty of positive things to say about Study § Steady. The art is fantastic and it is jam packed with content to justify the price in theory.

However, none of this matters because this program cannot run 10 minutes without crashing in an obscure error message. System Locales, compatibility, using a patch - even pirated AND honestly purchased version do not make a difference.

This VN crashes all the time and is unplayable. I cannot recommend for anyone to spend money on this. I mashed my way through hundreds of error messages, restarting, rebooting, just to get past the error triggers enough times to finish 3/4 routes and I honestly should have stopped way earlier.

Absolutely mess, do not buy under any circumstances. A powerpoint should not crash on a 2000$ High-end Gaming PC.
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#1 by lefthandedmagus
2021-08-19 at 17:47
< report >I read a single route and it did not crash once! You might have to play it in Japanese locale [my laptop is always in Japanese locale so I can play fan translated titles].

Edit: It says you went through locale's, are you sure you actually changed the locale. In windows 10, You can not change the locale in windows 10 settings, you have to do it in the old school control panel's regional settings. Can you post a screenshot of the error message?Last modified on 2021-08-19 at 17:53
#2 by texasdice
2021-08-19 at 18:18
< report >Don't bother me with the armchair analysis, I know what I'm talking about link
#3 by lefthandedmagus
2021-08-19 at 18:59
< report >Seeing that the error message is not in Japanese means you don't have your locale set to Japanese! Seeing that you have to set your locale to Japanese means Shiravune did a crappy job localizing it to began with.

To change locale, open control panel [windows key + R, type or paste "control panel" without quotations into run window. you can also hit widows key and start typing control panel if searching and indexing isn't disabled. once in control panel, change view in upper right corner to "view by large icons". click the region icon. on the top of pop up, hit the administrative tab and hit the "change system locale" button and change to Japanese.

If you are still having issues, such as still getting gibberish error message open settings [windows key + I], open time and language, hit the language tab on the left of window. Add Japanese to preferred language. That will add the Japanese character pack to you computer. Make sure Japanese is your second preferred language and don't mess with the region settings in this window because you might accidental change the interface of your entire computer to Japanese. Also this is not an armchair analysis, but based off past experiences.Last modified on 2021-08-19 at 19:01
#4 by lefthandedmagus
2021-08-19 at 19:19
< report >I forgot to add, make sure to restart your computer when prompted.
#5 by texasdice
2021-08-19 at 19:49
< report >It IS Japanese. The non-JP error looks like this: link
#6 by Mrkew
2021-08-19 at 20:57
< report >The error in #2 is most certainly not Japanese. You should know that since the release you used for the review is the Japanese-only version.
#7 by texasdice
2021-08-19 at 21:47
< report >Fixed the selected version, thank you for pointing that out. This was supposed to be the International Release.

Again, those are the different versions of the same error for each Locale tried:
JP link
EN link
??? I think JP with Unicode link
#8 by vninfohata
2021-09-01 at 15:54
< report >It is very simple. You are missing the correct font pack, or basically have no Japanese font packs installed.
#9 by texasdice
2021-09-02 at 18:27
< report >There is no Font pack mentioned anywhere in the product page. This is supposed to run on English Locale.
#10 by dapper
2021-10-22 at 22:51
< report >As said before, the error in #2 shows your typical case of mojibake (garbage text) caused by wrong encoding.
Meaning that there was probably something fucky going on with your system locale.
Even though this game is supposed to work with other locales, they might have made a mistake.

As for font packs, there would be a different problem if a missing font was the culprit.

LMK if anyone needs help with troubleshooting, I fix things often lol.Last modified on 2021-10-22 at 22:58
#11 by doragon24
2021-11-15 at 01:35
< report >try running it with a local emulator (to japan if the original text is japanese) works for me most of the time
#12 by vempele
2021-11-15 at 14:16
< report >The first screenshot in #7 is the correct error, the others are mojibake.

It's asking if you'd like to save information about the error into a logfile and says that if you send the logfile to the developers it might help them fix it.Last modified on 2021-11-15 at 16:07
#13 by texasdice
2021-11-16 at 02:02
< report >@vempele

They do not give a shit. I wrote three emails and @ staff on their discord and nothing ever came of it.

Doesn't work, still crashes. I highly suspect it's an AMD GPU issue. An issue that never gets fixed despite paying full price for the game.
#14 by roboninja331
2021-12-27 at 22:49
< report >@#10 Unsure if you are still subbed to this discussion, but I think I found a strange culprit for errors on this game. It crashes whenever a certain sprite of Yuu appears. I confirmed this by going into a route with her, then also trying to change her outfit on the main menu with it crashing every time. I've no idea what kind of bug could do this except for poor coding or translating, at a loss on how to troubleshoot.