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Review of Study § Steady

SubjectStudy § Steady
ByVote: 2dannyboyswe on 2021-08-30
ReviewThis one started out so good! I enjoyed the characters and how they are animated. Going in blindly you might think that this is going to be a cute ride, and it is at first, but it starts to derail after the prologue.
Besides the character animations looking good, all the art is pretty lazily put together and you will have rely on your imagination to do most of the work for you.

I wouldn't recommend this one. Not at all. Not even for the 18+ content.


#1 by hansfranz77
2021-09-17 at 04:52
< report >I just come out and say it. Can you go into some details with the problems you had with the game? The way you allude to it sounds like it gets pretty dark in its fetishes, maybe?

Now we have a dude complaining about technical problems and your review not talking about anything specific here and neither is of any help to someone uninitiated. So please write something helpful in here if you can!
#2 by dapper
2021-10-22 at 23:00
< report >Hey, Franz.

@ OP I'd also like to know more, since this VN interests me (especially because of the setting, which seems to be wintery?).

Can you expand on what you didn't like? Is the story too formulaic, are the heroines boring? What's up?

I've seen bad art in VNs and I'm willing to excuse that if the plot is good... personally I think the art in this one is alright, nothing special but not ugly either.Last modified on 2021-10-22 at 23:00
#3 by stickyfingersx
2021-10-23 at 08:42
< report >
I'm willing to excuse that if the plot is good.
There is no plot.

Not OP, but I'll try to list a few of my opinions if that helps. And I couldn't find much info anywhere else too.


Very nice H-scenes. That should be the primary reason anyone should be reading this one. Good length. Good CGs. And good most others. Decent variety for a moege. No moege have a decent variety.
To #1, the VN is pure vanilla, and there were no dark fetishes as far as I remember, maybe other than one good rimjob scene (Heroine is the giver and MC, the taker - I would never call this anything dark). They didn't even include anal despite the number of H-scenes they were aiming to service.
I did have a few problems with H-scenes, though listing them may detract the experience if someone intends to read.

Decent moe and delivers from time to time. Okayish-ly maintains the atmosphere or settings.

All the girls are cute though nothing noteworthy or special. Fun enough to complete all their routes. Yuu was slightly notable, though I found her route lackluster.


Extremely average MC. Not annoying or bad per se, though it may feel like the writers painstakingly made the MC as average as they could.

The banters were rough and often mid. Still, nothing complain-worthy.

Aimless moege. The MC and heroines keep copulating the entire time to fill up the routes. As for the plot, there's none.

Cons - Technicals:

Emote sprites. That probably is what OP had meant by 'lazily put together art.' To put this in short with an example, in a scene where the heroine cries, the sprites shift from crying-tears to smile and back to crying-tears - looped. Very much succeeding at disconnects. Also, the sprites are super wonky despite the 'steady' in the title.

And the big one. The naming system. You could choose a name by which the heroine can address you as. There are over 100 customizable names the girls could call you. Most of them are real names, but others like Onii-chan, Senpai, Master, Nii-nii would work as well.
The issue is they sound completely unnatural when a pre-recorded voice gets randomly inserted into voice lines. Enough to say, anyone who isn't masochistic enough should have dropped the game by the first instance of hearing it. I was surprised how any professional dev could have thought this was presentable.

I could add a bit more, but lazy to type them now. Overall you could read this if you want good H-scenes, decent moe, and can be blind to the cons.