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Review of Futanari Haha to Goumon Musume

SubjectFutanari Haha to Goumon Musume
ByVote: 8jobforabrokeboi on 2021-09-13
ReviewI usually wouldn't even touch a futa nukige with a 10ft pole, but in this case I just couldn't say no to loli femdom. For those in the same boat, the futa aspects aren't that bad. Nothing too gross or weird; aside from the daughter being concerningly interested in her mom's genetically engineered penis.

You're here for the h-scenes, and they do a fairly good job, especially if you're into loli... And if you're an English speaker, you may as well take what you can get, since seeing loli in localized VNs these days is becoming exceedingly rare (thanks a lot, Steam).

There is also only 1 choice that determines your final h-scene; one of which gives you a scene with an adjustable camera feature. Pretty good overall for a quick fap or two.