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Review of Sakura Sakura

SubjectSakura Sakura
ByVote: 6.4onorub on 2021-09-21
ReviewThis VN clearly decided to be a romantic comedy above all else with a huge emphasis on the comedic aspect, and it did that pretty well. However, said comedy kinda came at the cost of making quite a few characters hard to like. They grow on you if you stick with it, but the way the protagonists are the butt of the jokes so often makes the dialogue rather repetitive, as funny as it is. The love triangles are pretty amusing, but the girls get into fits of jealously so often it becomes another aspect that can make the dialogue repetitive. Overall, this is pretty recommended if you like comedy but hard to recommend if you like pretty much everything else. Borderline decent VN.

Ranking down heroines: Kirishima>Nanako>Akira>Kurumi.

Ranking down routes: Nanako (best struggles)>Kirishima (favorite after story)>Akira (alright backstory)>Kurumi (heroine becomes less likeable as the story goes).

P.S. to fill space: i also really enjoyed the little extras, like the side missions and the collectables, even the heroines doing some commentary on CGs. Those are little thing that made the experience more enjoyable.