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Review of Bunny Black

SubjectBunny Black
Bunny Black
ByVote: 7hansfranz77 on 2021-09-24
ReviewThe biggest problem with the game is the structure and the grindy nature of it. The game is padded out a lot, and it will be giving you the same quests over and over again, mostly mapping out dungeons... I would recommend using cheat engine to at least give you money at the very start, to not have to grind for that on top of everything else too. Also, the story itself seems to be progressing by going to the protag's room every so often, maybe if you do know that it could help the game not eating 40 hours of your time, like it did for me.

All in all i do recommend the game, for the reason of having a cool story, decent gameplay, great art and fun characters with sex scenes for pretty much all of them. And there are a boatload of characters to have fun playing with!