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Review of Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!!

SubjectMaji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!!
ByVote: 6antherus on 2021-09-24
ReviewI'll probably get hate for this, but ...

I didn't like this one ... at least as much as everyone else seems to have. The jokes felt mostly forced, and much of the "humor" fell flat on its face. A majority of the characters were not only obnoxious, they were also one-note. Yes, I understand it's meant to be a silly comedy, but it doesn't even really work in that regard. There were literally two heroines I actually liked - Miyako and Wanko. Everyone else was varying degrees of irritating to outright insufferable.

Apparently the authors thought making the women all superhuman and the guys all bumbling fools (with the exception of the protagonist, but even he's no physical match for any of them) was a great idea. Personally, I'm sick to death of this crap in fiction. While it's less of a problem in Japan than it is in Western media nowadays, it's still present. "Empowering women" is meant to even the playing field and have guys and girls on the same level. This shouldn't require tearing men down. That's missing the point entirely, and is misandry. It's every bit as obnoxious and pig-headed as chauvinism.

And yes, I get that it's supposed to be for the sake of comedy and satire. It's still irritating.

Positives: the artwork is decent, and Miyako and Wanko are actually likable. The sex scenes are actually pretty well done. The protagonist is proactive and not a limp-wristed hetare (which I despise). And even though it seems like I'm dumping on the VN, I didn't find it to be a total loss. It kept me entertained at times, and when it finally decided to be serious, I started getting into it. Sadly, those moments didn't last, and it reverted right back to its lame attempts at "comedy".

Overall I'd give it a 6. There's enough good there to lift it up slightly above mediocrity. However, given the praise lavished upon this title by everyone and their brothers, I felt a more objective review was needed. No, that doesn't mean I'm trying to nitpick. It just means that sometimes a dissenting opinion should be heard, and given the fact that these are my honest feelings, this was the perfect opportunity.