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Review of Yurinate!

ByVote: 5hitagismanga on 2021-09-24
ReviewThis visual novel was short, got straight to the point, and was amazing. It conveyed a girl becoming true to herself and her sexual desires amazingly. The soundtrack was audibly pleasing to the ear and made the scenes feel more complete and emotional. The art is really good looking and the way they colored and drew the piss cgs was simply the best. The one choice in the whole visual novel was really conflicting and a hard decision to make. The atmospheric sounds of the pee was very accurate and added depth to the scenes. This visual novel gave me a huge realization that I have a pee fetish. It was a very eye opening experience and now I can be true to myself, just like Haru is and live happily. I would recommend this VN to anyone. It will make you a piss connoisseur just like myself.