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Review of Kishin Hishou Demonbane

SubjectKishin Hishou Demonbane
ByVote: 10alexcross on 2021-09-25
ReviewContinued from Kishin Houkou/Zanma Taisei, Kishin Hishou is a perfect example of how a sequel should be. Thanks to Kishin Hishou that i love entirety of Demonbane Mythos even more.

There are 2 major impressions: First is "new wine, same old bottle". Be it the characters, the arcs, BGMs, all recreated everything that happened in Kishin Houkou - however it brings the vibes of fairy tales and European literature, making Kishin Hishou completely different from its former story. And the second, is continuation for the stories of old characters: Recreated events to shown the character development from all endings of Kishin Hokou. After the previous battle, they escaped from their own nightmares and joined hand together for the new battle. And we have new characters, be it the ones that have been mentioned in Houkou or appeared in the prequel Light Novel story, to two centers of Kishin Hishou - Kuzaku and Annother Blood, making the ring of endless battle between Good and Evil, where humans are mere fragiles to the existence of Evil Gods but eventually they will fight back and defeat the Horrors of universe. From those that have experienced countless battles in Infinite Spirtal, or those who have been removed from the previous story, to the main characters of Evil God's scheme, they exhausted all of their lives, their spirits just to struggle against Fate.

And at the peak of that depression, where the play of Evil God reached its climax, our main character once again raise The Sword That Smites Evil.Tribulations, trials, thorns, dreams, hope, tears and blood are shed, everything focused on Daijuuji Kurou - for the man who never gives up even when the chance is slip or the entire universe is his enemy. The result for the story that defeated Infinite Spiral is: Humans are never alone. The absolute good is the symbol represent will of humanity, open a new future for the world, and once again becomes the Demonbane Trinity that wrote a new miracle, a new mythos: Demonbane - Athleta Aeternum. If the time comes again, when the world need help The Sword That Smites Evil will once again replied to its call.






- Efficiently utilized the plot and characters, even though Hishou's play time is shorter than Houkou

- The variety of OST that suitable with the atmosphere perfectly, like the BGMs brought you the mysterious, yet alluring atmostphere marked Another Blood's presence, or Kuzaku's BGM that resembled noble path of a knight. The MVP for Kishin Hishou's OST is Song from a Distant Past, absolutely pefect for the scenes of Elder Gods.

- With the stories and character arcs previously established in the prequel Kishin Houkou as the base for the old cast to further expand them as well as to introduce the new additions of Kuzaku and AB, and in turn further cerment the core of Demonbane Trinity, lastly write forth at new mythology.

- Quality seiyuus as usual, especially the 2 VAs of Nyarlathotep - Norio Wakamoto and Orikasa Ai, intergrate a distinct Opera atmosphere into the story, not to mention the way the new cast hammer down their own characters and dynamics just by listening alone.

- More varieties of references, this time Jin Haganeya flexed his skill fully to its finest, with multiple sources such as movies, animes, other VNs of Nitro+, Cthulhu Mythos, Japanese Mythology, opera and stage play, pop cultures and even his previous works.

- Keeping the consistency of character interaction. Kishin Hishou also hid the hints of the interaction between characters skillfully, be it the atmosphere or their dialogues, in order to resolve questions from the start of the story.

- Jin's writting skills also greatly improved and avoided typical way of Chuuni literature. Thus making Kishin Hishou controlled its pacing better.

- Free Fight is pretty fun once you get used to the controls of Mechs. Although some battles would require the player skill to get the job done, such as Clockwork Phantom, Legacy of Gold, Nameless One or Whateley.


- Not compatible with windows 10 or above.


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