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Review of Hakoniwa no Gakuen

SubjectHakoniwa no Gakuen
ByVote: 3Latnemurtsni on 2021-10-14
ReviewOh man, where do I start... I'm usually pretty generous in my ratings with low-budget VNs, but this was just atrocious.

The "twists & turns" as seen here are just cheap asspulls and half-baked writing. Not only are there severe plot holes, but there are even instances of inconsistent facts/backstories in different routes... I don't care how small the dev is, this is inexcusable quality.

To give you a taste, one particular scene of pure anime gold ensued when Itsuki kills 1 girl, tortures the other two, bandages 1 of them up... And then MC and aforementioned girls are all like "oh but he must be good deep down, cuz he tied a shirt around the gaping fucking wound he made on her."

It only gets worse from there... Don't waste your time reading this nonsensical garbage.


#1 by alexfang452
2021-10-14 at 07:02
< report >...I'm reading through it now.