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Review of Cabin Fever

SubjectCabin Fever
Cabin Fever
ByVote: 4beate on 2021-10-17
ReviewI am usually one who enjoys the shorter, relationship based VNs. This was not one of those though. The positives for this VN are the VA (actually voiced in English), some of the story, and the relationship between MC and the girl.

Now for the negatives: Too short (3h), very buggy at launch (literally could not get a certain route due to 18+ patch being enabled), and just not an overall satisfactory experience.

The 18+ patch adds a couple of voice lines/scenes that are nothing to write home about and 1 "sex" scene. Nothing is shown that actually confirms that the act is happening, but it is inferred with the voice lines.

I know some people aren't here for that type of thing, but in a VN that is defined by the relationship between them. It is such a let-down and hinders the story.