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Review of Song of Memories

SubjectSong of Memories
Song of Memories
ByVote: 8teamkazato on 2021-10-18
ReviewSong of Memories, a Visual Novel for the PS4 and PC.
But be Warned I heared it works so poorly on PC especially on Windows 7, that I recommend you read it on PS4.

In Song of Memories thematic evolves around a Virus, the so called X-Virus, a Virus that only Infects Women, and turning them into hideous Monsters who attack and Kill everybody they see.

The First half is you the Protagonist Minato trying getting close to one of the 6 Main Girls, which you can choose obviously.
It is about their Daily Life at the Town and the School.
You have a massive Chart in the Menu which can help you getting onto the Specific Girl you want. I wish more VN's would have such a good and well thought out Chart, it would make it a lot easier getting on Specific Routes.
At the End of the First half, the Virus finaly breaks through and with that the Pandemic starts.
The Second half is about the Protagonist his friends and of Course the Girl you Choose trying to Survive in this new Apocalyptic World.
I highly suggest you Work here with the Chart again, The Important Choices for getting the True Ending for each Girl, is marked in Pink, and you need to get them all if you want the True Ending.
You the Protagonist can fight the Monsters with the Dream 4 You Team. 5 Girls that you can summon from your Smartphone who than Sing and then turning the VN into a little Rythm game.
But besides the first Tutorial fight, you can Skip every single Fight in the Entire Visual Novel, which I also highly suggest you do, because the fights are just annoying and time consuming.
When selecting Skip at the fights, the result is automaticaly your Win.
You can Also talk with the Girls from D4U at specific Events, where you select 1 Of the 5 Girls, who you then talk to.

Each of the 6 Main Girls has their own Unique Story and some of them are some small Gems.
Kanon is kinda like the True Route of the VN, fuuka's for one wasn't anything special, Natsume's was more of a Drama, same as Akira, while Yuno's and Satsuki's actually has really good romance.
I was pleasantly suprised that Akira actually fell in Love in the End with the Protagonist, and she was an actual Adult (Older) Lady and the Protagonist just at your typical Age of (I Suggest) 18.

But I gotta say, Song of Memories has one of the best Sprite Viewers I have ever seen in a Visual Novel, with even manual adjustable parameters, such as face looking down/Up, corner of the mouth and more.
The Art is also pretty good, with a lot of different backgrounds with easily over 30 different backgrounds.
The Girls were all Pretty Cute, especially the D4U Girls in my Opinion. Azumi was my favourite of them.
The CG's while some are a bit janky, some are very well made, and some made me wish there was a 18+ Version of it.
The Music has actualy a good feeling to it, and nothing stand out in a bad way.
The Protagonist wasn't actually that bad, I liked him, which is more than I can say about 90% of all Protagonists in this Year 2021. And he was also Voiced here in Song of Memories, which happens way to rarely.
I didn't experienced any Crashes or major Glitches, although I had a Glitch where sometimes the Text in the Choices was all cobbled together.
Again, I heared much worse things from the PC Version, such as not even been able to advance beyond the Title Screen.

If it wasn't already clear, but this VN is a bit more on the darker Side, if that isn't your Thing, you probably won't be as happy with this as me.
Overall I'd say I enjoyed it quite a bit actually, and I can definetly recommend Song of Memories to anyone, who wants to have a good read.

My Final Score for Song of Memories is going to be a 8/10
It's a very good Visual Novel with some technical problems, but otherwise very solid.

Those are my Words to Song of Memories.

Kazato Out