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Review of Soundless - A Modern Salem in Remote Area -

SubjectSoundless - A Modern Salem in Remote Area -
ByVote: 10ewokonfire on 2021-10-19
ReviewFeels to me like the gritty indie remake of Saya no Uta made by someone with something to say and no holds to bar. There are a lot of common elements - the hallucinating protagonist, the seemingly redemptive female figure with a sinister secret, the apocalyptic climax... - but I think that if you can look past the amateur production values then Soundless is actually the better piece of writing. Well, they are in fact the only two works I've rated 10/10 on this website, so try them both, but nobody should miss out on Soundless. And you can't argue with the asking price.


#1 by vninfohata
2021-10-19 at 20:04
< report >You're great. Thanks for spreading information about this game~