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Review of White Album 2 ~Closing Chapter~

SubjectWhite Album 2 ~Closing Chapter~
White Album 2 Extended Edition
ByVote: 9.2barbital20 on 2021-10-20 last updated on 2021-10-23
ReviewFavorite routes in order
Koharu (should've been made into a different game really), Kazusa End1, Chiaki.

This game is too long for someone like me to write a complete review. Instead I'll leave a few tips that you might find helpful

Places to replay IC
1. As soon as you finish IC
2. Chiaki route finished
Extra scenes are added from the day of the concert. No need to replay it entirely.

If possible, do not use a guide for Coda. The games choices get more player directed and let you decide how scummy you want to be.

Overall, amazing game. Tho, if I compared it to a jigsaw puzzle, each piece is very detailed but the final picture is very average. Most of the endings felt lacking somehow too (no Todokanai Koi in Coda?? CMON), except Koharu's it felt the most complete.


#1 by kalathras
2021-10-20 at 05:06
< report >lol u made it, guddo. I loved koharu's route as well :D
#2 by barbital20
2021-10-20 at 05:55
< report >It was fcking great honestly. It was after a long time that I read something so satisfying. You can just tell from the level of detail and how few abstract dialogues Fumiaki used, that he worked at a diner before and probably had a flame there too. What happened to your discord btw?