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Review of Island

ByVote: 8.5amur23w on 2021-10-20
ReviewThis was a very unique experience for me. The story is captivating, interesting : with these kind of VN you don't really know where you're gonna be, what is the main goal of the story. I thought a lot and I really liked it, I felt surprised and confused, chapter after chapter. Characters are well drawn, there's some memorable CGs and the OST is one of the best's I've ever heard in a VN. I still listen to it today. The concept of timeflow where you can see the chronology of the story is also interesting and should be used more often : really useful when you want to reread a specific line, instead of saving everytime.
There's of course some weakness like the Grand Ending : badly explained, feels rushed... so I sticked with the other endings instead. Otherwise, really unique, I recommand it.