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Review of Soukou Akki Muramasa

SubjectSoukou Akki Muramasa
Full Metal Daemon Muramasa - Download Edition
ByVote: 10Yorhel on 2021-10-21
ReviewThis is not a story of heroes. Nor of common sense, for that matter, but that's what makes it so great. This is a story of madness, war, over-the-top battles and stubborn people mindlessly but consistently following their own laws and ideals. Well-intentioned but ultimately flawed ideals, as they get to learn the hard way.

It starts off rather weak, with annoying characters and bad jokes that come at the expense of good storytelling. But I'm very glad I didn't drop it, each chapter gets progressively more awesome and ultimately the much stronger cast and the less frequent but far more funny jokes end up being major selling points.

If you dislike fake happy endings, you'll have nothing to worry about here. It sticks to a badass and brutal (fictional) reality all the way to the end.