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Review of Kyonyuu Fantasy

SubjectKyonyuu Fantasy
ByVote: 7.3flvbycjctnheheh on 2021-10-22
ReviewI've finished the game in two days and it took me much less than 20 hours (which are listed as an average playtime) even though I'm not really a fast reader (at least when it comes to fiction).

As others said, the game has a surprisingly decent plot for a nukige, though nothing mind-blowing. Art is kind of outdated for a nukige and I'm not much of a fan of giant boobs, but I still enjoyed reading this. The good points of the game are its fast-paced plot (if you skip h-scenes at least) and interesting heroines (at least half of them). The best girls are Gladys and Shamsiel, though Isis actually shows some personality in her own route (which is actually the only actual "heroine route" in the game, as the rest are just short endings).

On another note, the protagonist isn't your usual blank self-insert dude. On the one hand, he has a carefree attitude and a sense of humor and on the other hand, he's at the same time logical and benevolent, even to those who wronged him. There's a thing I didn't quite like though - after completing the game I still can't be sure if he's just lucky or secretly competent. It's never made clear if his grades were completely unfair or not, at least it's confirmed that he was intentionally failed on survival/cooking related classes, but there are also hints that he's actually a smart guy at a genius level (plus his thoughts on politics were spot on and he made wise decisions), so perhaps his theory teachers have intentionally failed him too. It's not very clear if he defeated Gladys in checkmates due to pure luck either, as Wan Coen tried to poison him and also was the one who taught him how to play. So there's a chance that this guy lied to Lute that he has no talent while he's actually a genius, it would explain why he tried to poison the MC as well. I hope that it's made more clear in the sequels.