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Review of Nicole

ByVote: 3yunari13 on 2021-10-23 last updated on 2021-11-20
ReviewNicole is a young woman who accidentally gets herself involved in the case of disappearing female students. However, this solid promise gets ruined by weak writing and lack of tension for a mystery-centric otome game. The mystery wasn't that interesting and the truth behind the incident was somewhat bland.
Gameplay consists of stat rising and usual vn choices. Both parts work good with each other.
Art is good, if a bit limited in terms of character expressions. I liked chibis too. CGs are barely worth talking about(barely any of those, typical for this dev).
Nicole herself is actually likable enough, but her LIs aren't. Not to say they're boring, but I can't recall any of them after a week of playing.
Music and sounds are good and worth listening to(although sfx did get repetitive after a while).
Overall, I can actually recommend this game to some people, but I found myself ultimately bored with writing and disappointed with the final reveal. Otome fans may get a kick out of this, but fans of mystery should probably look elsewhere.