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Review of The Flower Shop: Summer in Fairbrook

SubjectThe Flower Shop: Summer in Fairbrook
The Flower Shop: Summer in Fairbrook
ByVote: 5yunari13 on 2021-10-23
ReviewSummer in Fairbrook follows Steve, a young arrogant man who's forced to live and work at his uncle's farm away from the city. It's a typical coming-of-age WW story, thankfully Steve does have a minor amount of character development, making him a better MC compared to his female Winter in Fairbrook counterpart. MC will be able to pursue three girls he never really interacted before or reconcile with his ex-gf.
His other love interests are a tomboy, a bookworm or a nature lover. All of them are stereotypes through and through, but they aren't offensive in any way. I can see some people liking at least one of them.
Gameplay is comprised of a (pointless) farm sim and vn choises. Farming makes no difference since the only thing you get out of it is money...which can only buy more seeds for your farm. It's a weird loop that results in nothing. I finished my last playthrough without touching the farm and game didn't even scold me. What's even the point than??
The art is good, it was interesting to see how much Deji's art had progressed over the years yet even her older works look good. Both sprites and CGs are pleasant to look at.
Music and sfx are alright, but aren't interesting enough to talk about. Feel free to turn them off.
In the end, I do recommend this game for those who are nostalgic for the older works of this dev or older vns in general. It's not amazing, but it does everything just fine for me to give it a passing grade.