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Review of Sorcery Jokers

SubjectSorcery Jokers
ByVote: 9.5diabloryuzaki on 2020-09-15
Review3rdEye's second dual protagonist vn and have been translated by MG

not like GnI, SJ give more flexibility to choose which perspective you want to read by using branch tree. personally i don't like it because they spread out the event too much that sometime make me feel lose focus which timeline i should do

you know that haruto is clone and his imouto is robotic like beings, so at this time it is hard to drop it and the time you know that senri can use magic properly is you can't ignore it completely. after know both of them but still didn't feel like to read more? then this vn is not suit for you

this vn have similar nuance to SnT so i recommended to read SnT if you read SJ first to know how it can be similar

sadly despite the setting is very interesting, i don't see heroine have proper development. even i can see that GnI do better when do to heroine development, it is just the heroine magic and setting that make them appealing but other than that well no

not only that daily life development in here can make you yawn because everything is so peace, well after reach turning point it is hard to yawn again but if still not reach it, well good luck

same like GnI, you can read H-scene properly later after read main story and same like GnI, don't expect "how can the mc have relationship to the heroine" development properly in there