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Review of Lessons in Love

SubjectLessons in Love
Lessons in Love v0.21.0 Part 1 - Uncensored Edition
ByVote: 10shitbunway on 2021-11-10
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ReviewThe truly remarkable thing about Lessons in Love is how at every turn it manages to be more than the sum of its parts. Looking at the tags, it really is what it advertises, but it's also so much more. I was not expecting to get attached to the characters or the world in the way that I have, nor was I really even expecting this type of game was something that COULD attach me. That's not why I'm here, and yet, it happened. The characters feel real in a way I don't often see in fully produced high budget media, let alone a porn game. The story is funny, inspiring, heartbreaking, horrifying, and mostly, beautiful. I can't recommend enough downloading the game and really giving it a fair shake.


#1 by funnerific
2021-11-10 at 10:38
< report >Oh look, another account giving this 10/10 as their first voted-on game.
#2 by shitbunway
2021-11-22 at 06:39
< report >Yeah, the game was good enough that I went out of my way to make an account and write a review. That's not very strange. I've played a few other games here, I just didn't enjoy them enough to bother making an account.