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Review of Love Sweets

SubjectLove Sweets
Love Sweets!
ByVote: 3teamkazato on 2021-11-15
ReviewWhat happend here Moonstone? This feels more like a budget Visual Novel from a small Studio. The Art is very Average to below Average. There are some very low polygon clothes and backgrounds here and there. The Music to say it nicely, is actually pretty bad, there are some truly annoying pieces in it and the majority sounds like it was made on a very low budget.
And for me Love Sweets completely fails at being a Slice of Life Comedy. Because there is zero comedy. Or Am I missing something? It felt like a Slice of Life Romance Story with Zero interesting elements, like Character Development, Comedy, Drama or anything really. Oh and there aren't any Characters ever on Screen besides the Main Heroines, wich makes it pretty boring a lot of times.

3/10 Way to many big mistakes here Moonstone


#1 by hansfranz77
2021-11-16 at 03:13
< report >Thanks for saving me time on this one. I wasn't impressed as i read what this game is supposed to be already. But this sounds clearly worse than i thought it would be, and not worth wasting my time on it at all.
#2 by NaioHoras
2021-11-16 at 05:08
< report >
there is zero comedy. Or Am I missing something?
turns out the word plays got lost in translation, since it's one of the vn biggest charm, alongside with unusual Japanese accents and conversations. what a shame.
#3 by terranmarine94
2021-11-16 at 07:33
< report >play Sex Open World ,that game is much better than this