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Review of Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata -Blessing Flowers-

SubjectSaenai Heroine no Sodatekata -Blessing Flowers-
Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata -Blessing Flowers- Regular Edition
ByVote: 2.5bakauchuujin on 2020-09-15
ReviewFirst of I want to mention that the Saekano anime is one of my favorite anime of all times and as such I was quite looking forward to reading a VN based on it, though some months before I decided to read it I looked at reviews on Amazon and it didn't look too good. After having read through all of it I was really dissapointed. The Saekano VN is by far the most bland and non memorable VN I have read so far.

The VN base itself of the aspects of Saekano that on the surface level is the least interesting, with conversations between the characters at school (at the non official clubroom they have) and a few other locations like the main characters room, and is sett sometime after season 1. In the anime these scenes work well due to the good cleaver dialoge which gives a lot of insight into the characters while delivering good comedy as well as the great scene direction of the anime, in the VN the dialoge is just really boring and there is very little visual variation. I think the core problem of this VN can be boiled down to the writer of the VN trying to imitate one aspect of Saekano while mostly ignoring the others and having surface level of understanding of the characters. This is also more of a problem as the core consept for Saekano isn't too interesting, but rather the execution of it with regards to character writing and drama is what makes it good.

The character development and romantic development in the VN is also really poor with both of those being pretty much non existant. It just lacks any and all ambition which is really annoying as I feel focusing more on things like dates or romantic progression of the characters could work even if the writing wasn't the best, here it is just a boring consept with bad execution. The routes are also somewhat hard to navigate and some times there are just odd conditions to enter a character route, like on top of having done events with Eriri you also need to do one event with Megumi to get into Eriri's route. There are also dialoge battle things where you choose 1 of 3 options 1 giving more strength to each heroine's argument and one that is neutral, the thing though is that having the back of the heroine you choose to do the route for is not the correct way to do it which makes the vs thing pretty dumb.

The CGs are decent looking though nothing special. The annyoing thing about the CGs though is how poorly they are used. From how the CGs were integrated into the VN I would say they were probably made at random with no communication between writer and artist and then the writer just quickly made a quick half assed scenario to justify using the CG. A lot of the scenes with CGs are just so quick and lacks any sort of reason to be there. One example is a halloween party event, basically Eriri's parents are having a halloween party and all of blessing software are invited, the part starts Eriri is embaresed over a witch costume she wears, they talk like 20 lines then they decide to leave and the event is over, which left me wondering what was going on as the event basically ended after a few lines of dialoge with no real comedy or any progression or anything that seemed worthwhile. The other CG events were not much better than this, some being worse, but this one stuck out to me as it was the first event like this.

So in conclusion the Saekano VN is really boring and poorly made with lots of odd decisions which doesn't seem to make sense.


#1 by bakauchuujin
2020-09-15 at 14:03
< report >Not sure why so many others rate it so highly, wonder if lots of Saekano fans just vote on it because they love the LN or anime, but haven't gone through the VN.Last modified on 2020-09-15 at 14:04
#2 by beliar
2020-09-15 at 15:51
< report >Jesus, have you heard about paragraphs? As single huge block of text is not a reader-friendly feature...
#3 by fuukanou
2020-09-15 at 15:52
< report >#2 this is only the opening paragraph of the epic which is this review
#4 by jazz957
2020-09-15 at 19:25
< report >That sure is a nice wall of text you got there. (My poor eyes)