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Review of Kimagure Temptation

SubjectKimagure Temptation
ByVote: 8renaxan on 2021-11-22
ReviewKimagure Temptation is quite good eroge. At first glance when I start this game I thought this would be a standard nukige, but damn I was wrong. I should have expected it from the company who made Nanairo Reincarnation lol.

Personally, story wise I think it is not good as nanarin but it wasn't bad either. The art really do great, with animation on both dialog and scenes. If you expect get a good horror on this, well I thought nanarin still has scarier horror aspect, but it is just my opinion. Gameplay is quite improvement though, you really act like proper detective on solving case.

Now if theres something I didn't like... honestly, I thought this VN doesn't need any 18+ scene at all, for real. I find myself skip all the scene even all of it looks hot. Overall solid 8/10 to me.


#1 by Jobforabrokeboi
2021-11-24 at 05:24
< report >+1 about the points regarding Nanarin, I think it beats Kimagure in every aspect. Still a great read, but wish I would've lowered my expectations just a tad.