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Review of Tsuki no Kanata de Aimashou: Sweet Summer Rainbow

SubjectTsuki no Kanata de Aimashou: Sweet Summer Rainbow
Tsuki no Kanata de Aimashou: Sweet Summer Rainbow - Regular Edition
ByVote: 7Mutsuki on 2021-11-23
ReviewN.B: I have posted this before in a thread, I have now moved it here as a review.

To put all of this into context, I watched the original TsukiKana pretty closely since announcement date on account of it being a tone work’s game and including time travel (a oft-hated theme that I love). I played the demo the day it came out and pre-ordered the game so I could play it pretty much on release day (well it was a week after release day factoring in shipping times). I loved that game (especially the Touka and Uguisu routes, and the side heroines weren’t bad either), so I was pretty excited when TsukiKana SSR was announced, even if I wasn’t the biggest Rein fan. I pre-ordered the game last year for the full 3,300 yen (+ 2,600 yen shipping oof) from Amazon to get the Rein + Kanna drama CD (Kanna best side-heroine even though it was a tough contest).

So you can imagine how disappointed I was when this game wasn’t as great as I hoped.
Firstly, they clearly couldn’t be bothered enough to put it in a box (even a small regular edition box) like the other tone work’s games (game is just in a DVD case). The game is roughly 12 hours of voiced lines, so it is pretty much the same length as your average medium-length VN, so there is no excuse there for it just being a short fan-disc. The ‘Darling diary’ thing is a pretty flimsy A3 card booklet with 10 pages of sketches and Rein’s impressions written next to them in pretty bad handwriting (it’s not illegible but when each character is so small, there’s a lot of guess-and-check going on to read it). I’m sure it’d be no problem for a native so I’ll look the other way on this one. The Amazon-exclusive audio drama is a single track that’s 24 minutes long. I know that the going length is 24 minutes for pre-order bonus drama CDs, and maybe I’m just spoilt from the FLOWERS drama CDs which were an hour long each, but couldn’t they have made it a little longer? [note from future me: 24 minutes is generous. I paid good money for the Hakuchuumu no Aojashin "radio chat show" and that was just over 5 minutes long] The plot was pretty asinine for that as well, 12 minutes of bad exposition and a bad aural (get it lol) H-scene. Come on guys you can do much better. I know this is technically free, but I put down full price for this, at least try!

Art is good as ever, admittedly the number of not-H CGs felt low (I believe it is an equal number of new H-CGs as new not-H-CGs), but the introduction of SD CGs (which I believe is a first for tone work’s) is a big step forward—they were the most adorable thing. However, I hope they weren’t trying to fool anyone with that one CG in the after arc seemingly having a real-world photo with some filters and editing as the background. On the voice acting front as well, this was pretty good as well (but then again it’s been less than a year since the original game... it’d be more surprising if they had forgotten how to do the voices) apart from Tsukiko—something about her voice doesn’t sit right with me (I think she sounds too old for her age)

I said before that the game is 12 hours of voiced lines, but don’t let that fool you. I’d say about 2-ish hours of that are filled with an abridged version of Rein’s route in TsukiKana (keeps the main story scenes, omits the H-scenes and has one or two lines of text linking them together). It’s pretty good if you’ve never read TsukiKana... but let’s face it, you wouldn’t buy it if you hadn’t—it’s a pointless inclusion that didn’t cost them a penny. For the actual new content, the division of time between the school and after stories is about 60-40. H-scene division is pedantically 7-3 but taking into account that one of the school arc H-scenes is a double, and one of the after arc H-scenes is Rein dressed in her uniform w/ hair in original hairstyle, it feels more like 9-2.

Speaking of H-scenes, boy do I hope you love your fetishes, because pretty much every scene is fetish-oriented. Classroom sex, smell fetishism (a whole lot of this), pregnant sex... I think there was only 3-4 vanilla scenes... but given the writer, this isn’t much of a surprise. They’re pretty much all 1 CG set per scene, cum twice, around 25-30 minutes per scene, so it’s long for a tone work’s H-scene (about the same length as Mizuha’s scenes in GinHaru). I personally thought the quality was a bit lacking and they dragged on (like Mizuha’s) but I’m not the best person to ask for this.

I won’t say anything about the actual plot of the game (which you’re probably here for), but it was okay. Maybe slightly worse than Rein’s route in TsukiKana. It’s written well enough, there are nice callbacks to TsukiKana and it’s enjoyable enough to read, but it’s lacking a bit in the punch (read: melodrama) that TsukiKana’s main heroines’ routes had. Yes it’s a fan-disc, and yes they imply it’s not going to be like that in the description, but even where you can see they’ve tried to bring it back, they’ve lost the magic that was there in TsukiKana.

Conclusion: game’s okay, a bit on the disappointing side for tone work’s and in comparison to TsukiKana, salty about excessive fetishism in H-scenes and shit packaging/pre-order bonuses. Recommended for people who really like Rein.