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Review of When I Rule The World

SubjectWhen I Rule The World
When I Rule The World
ByVote: 2yunari13 on 2021-11-24
Review"So bad, it's good" kind of game for me. I remember playing it around a decade ago because I was an otome-starved teen girl. Today I don't see anybody considering this a viable option for otome, let alone actually reading it.

WIRTW(move TWEWY, this is a much more amazing acronym!) is a story about a young girl named Selena who thinks the organization called Agency has chosen her to, well, Rule The World. In her spare time she daydreams about world domination, lusts over her teacher and doesn't care about anything else. The new guy in her class in named Takeshi(Takeshi's Challenge reference??) and he tried to befriend her. How Selena's story will end is up to you!

The writing is cheesy but tries to take itself seriously: it has themes of GLOBAL POLITICS, RELIGION, XENOPHOBIA and more! Hope those topics are the first thing come up in your mind when you look at the title screen(looks like an old Empress Theresa cover to me) or read the amazing dialogues.
The most amusing part of the game was a Q&A in the end, where I was informed both creators were religious and the game doesn't have an anti-religious message! Or they explain how you pronounce the name "Eletis". Or there's a question why Takeshi has a JP name and YOU CAN CHOOSE AN ANSWER YOURSELF and THE OUTCOME IS THE SAME. I almost screamed because that moment was so amazingly awful, it'll go down as one of my favorite VN reading experiences.

As for other important categories:
Art is ART, probably something a senile old man would draw in his basement(hi, Norman!). No CGs here(thank God).
Music and sound effects? You fool, this game was meant to be played IN SILENCE, so you can focus on amazing plot and characterization.
UI is Ren'py 2004. Back then, we lived in Society.

In the end, for the love of Lord, don't even try this one. The Q&A section might seem like a riot, but it only lasted for the whole one minute. That's it, SELENA RULEZ DA WOOOORLD!!