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Review of Eve: The Fatal Attraction

SubjectEve: The Fatal Attraction
ByVote: 6.4onorub on 2021-11-24
ReviewThis is probably going to end up being the most disappointing Eve game for me. Despite the good characters, Adam's plot went at a snail's pace and the villain showed up too little to make a proper impression, so i expected Fatal Attraction to salvage the plot since so many recommend it. Unfortunately, the expansions did not change my opinion on the story. The new characters and plot elements for the Double Factor portion did very little to turn my opinion around and the two new days seemed interesting at first then became so rushed i had a hard time keeping track of it. To pour salt in the wound, the extra bits further explaining the plot just made me wish a second Adam game with four protagonists was released instead. Overall, the expansions really needed to make the Double Factor portion 50% or even 40% of the plot to salvage it for me and since that didn't happen i was left seriously disappointed. I'd recommend it if you're really starved for a Burst Error sequel but it kinda didn't do it for me. Borderline decent VN.