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Review of Room No. 9

SubjectRoom No. 9
Room No. 9
ByVote: 4yunari13 on 2021-11-25
ReviewLabeling any ClockUp games as "romance" would be misleading. Labeling any Parade(ClockUp's mini-brand) as "BL" is just as bad.
RN9 is about two acquaintances(I have hard time even calling them "friends") Daichi, the local dudebro, and Seiji, stereotypical megane. After a short prologue they got themselves trapped in the unknown room and have to go through several tasks to get out. Those range from uncomfortable to vile, but at least they can choose between some of them.
The gore is weak and unimpressive, yet the sex scenes are somehow even worse. While it may appeal to some people, the weird "rape but not really" vibe just threw me off. Technically they're forced into it and Daichi will top Seiji every time, but in some situations they seem to enjoy it. Look, either it's blackmail rape or it's not, pick one.
As for the endings, they're disappointing. The only one I liked was trapped in the room forever ending. Clearly a bad end, but it gave me the only semblance of "love" in this "Boys Love" game. True end sucks, nothing was resolved and no questions answered. I was waiting for some kind of revelation of why they were selected to be trapped in the room to begin with, I wanted to see the outside world more(since the devs were boating about this game being set in the same universe as No Thank you!!). But none of that mattered. In the end, the two guys decided to remain bffs and don't think about the time they had to fuck ever again. Lmao what a joke.
This game has no opening movie. Music is fine. Voice actors did a good job with the script they had. UI is good, but could've been more functional. Nothing much to say here.
In the end, if you like the premise enough and don't mind a bit of blandness, this game is for you. For me, however, it did nothing to stand out. It was slightly better than NTY because it was much shorter, but I couldn't help but feel unsatisfied.