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Review of The Guts! 3 ~Yama de Guts!~

SubjectThe Guts! 3 ~Yama de Guts!~
The Guts! 2 & 3 DOUBLE - Download Edition
Bytomtheerogeman on 2020-09-15
ReviewIt took only 3 days for me to reach the ending on the double edition. It might be just me, but the H scenes feel shorter than before, to the point where you can't expect to fap to them unless you're just interested in the CG and not the text. I know at least one person here would be disappointed. And why does Akira seem more immature than before?

I might not actually read 4+5, I'll more likely go straight to maximum maternity instead. That game looks more professionally done and more likely something I'll masturbate to, as Complet's would have had a lot more experience by then. Like the other games I still recommend this if you aren't into the H stuff and just have time to kill, but 5000 yen is way too much for 2+3, that's what my favorite store charges for it. Wait for it to go on sale.


#1 by eacil
2020-09-15 at 22:40
< report >Maximum Maternity is 100% fappable, especially if you are into muscles (though the cover is half a lie). It's not drawn by Kawasaki Megumi anymore but by Mame, who, I am sure, you know well if you are into Complet's. I didn't read the previous The Guts! because the first looks too amateurish and plain ugly but I am so in need of abs that I am sure I will eventually give it a try, even if only for Takahara Minako.