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Review of Yamizome Revenger -Ochita Maou to Ochiru Senki-

SubjectYamizome Revenger -Ochita Maou to Ochiru Senki-
ByVote: 7Latnemurtsni on 2021-11-29
ReviewYou're here for the H-scenes; but just be aware that that's all you're gonna get. Don't expect addicting gameplay, or any other redeeming qualities like plot, good OST, or character development.

By the time you're on NG+ the gameplay gets exceedingly boring & repetitive. And to make matters worse, you have to play multiple rounds of NG+ and corrupt the same heroines over & over again to unlock all endings/special/hidden scenes.

The only reason I gave this a 7 was because the art/CGs/H-scenes were top notch (albeit, there was a few underwhelming scenes as well), but overall I expected better.

There's also an odd amount of vanilla scenes (considering this is a corruption based game) which I can't image anyone would care for, considering they're only unlocked after the rape/violation fest.