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Review of Lingering

ByVote: 7yunari-ah419 on 2021-11-30
ReviewShort review here too(maybe will change it later)
Storyline is actually interesting
Many interesting characters, unlike AMPLITUDE
Artstyle is greatly improved
It's full of gay and lesbian relationships, Goldie and March Hare are token heteros
Replayability for different endings
AMPLITUDE spoilers: Eric and Jay turned out to be OTP, kinda. So happy they made it canon
Storyline's a bit hard to follow due to the game structure
QTEs are annoying and pointless
Some routes has less focus than others(Angel, Doll, Fox)
Goldie and March Hare's relationship was forced
Spoilers for Fox's route: the bait-and-switch with him and Snow White is just as bad as Jay and Eric stuff in AMPLITUDE