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Review of Sousaku Kanojo no Ren'ai Koushiki

SubjectSousaku Kanojo no Ren'ai Koushiki
Sousaku Kanojo no Ren'ai Koushiki - Deluxe Limited Edition
ByVote: 7.5llee1000 on 2021-12-01
ReviewWow wtf I'm writing a bullet point review. Where did the essays go?????????????????

-The characters are all good. They have likeable personalities and developed a lot. Kiriha is the best out of all them but Aisa and Erena are good too. The side characters also got a lot of scenes and didn't feel shafted. The MC has his own goals and didn't feel like a blank slate.

-The common route was enjoyable. It has a fast tempo so there's always something happening. This pacing made the common route an exciting journey. It showcased a lot about the heroines and I got to know them pretty well by the end of the common route. I found the comedy in the common route to be funny half the time, which is 99% better than most VNs I read.

-Meanwhile that fast tempo was a detriment to the character routes. The romance and drama barely felt developed. The character routes could have done with much more content. I'd even argue that parts of the common route could have been put in the character routes instead. It sort of felt like the writer put everything into the common route and didn't pace himself properly to spread out his ideas.

-Given that this is the first time this writer is writing anything with this much breadth, I'll chalk it up to a lack of experience, outlining and forethought. Looking forward to how he can improve in the future though.

-Kiriha had the best route hands down. Loved her character and story.

-I'm confident in saying that "Adolescence Syndrome" (the game they were writing) has some sort of symbolic meaning but I can't be assed to figure it out. That was one of the worst parts of the story and that became too much of a focus in most of the routes. I guess that's why I liked Kiriha's route so much since it didn't focus on the game much.

-The prose were good in the beginning, but it kind of tapered off in the character routes. A lot of those emotional descriptions that were there in the common route was missing in the character routes hat could have elevated scenes. Dialogue still felt strong throughout though.

-The messaging about throwing everything into your passions was done nicely and was tonally appropriate in the common route, but it stuck to its guns a little too much and the character routes felt like the writer was dying on the hill he probably shouldn't need to if he paced himself properly.

-There wasn't really any big emotional moment for me to make this VN stick in my brain. Two scenes almost reached that level but it didn't reach the Wow Factor that I have for the VNs I really enjoy. Didn't really treat some of the significant events with the proper gravity. That ended up making the story feel more mild than it should be.

-No major issues with the art, OST, voice acting, UI or production value.

-Each heroine had the same structure for their H-scenes: Standard first time -> Blowjob into a tad bit more adventurous sex -> All nighter fuck fest with cleanup blowjob after each ejaculation (MC cums like 5-7 times). Why not mix it up a bit? I'd personally love to give Kiriha the anal she deserves but oh well.

-Felt like the writer was inspired a bit too much by Your Lie in April. No that this is a bad thing but there are so many parallels.

Overall, didn't exceed expectations but didn't betray expectations either. Pretty solid coming out work for the writer.
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#1 by che-boludo
2022-01-17 at 13:02
< report >Bullet point reviews aren't bad, they are much easier to skim through than essays ;)