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Review of 3days ~Michiteyuku Toki no Kanata de~

Subject3days ~Michiteyuku Toki no Kanata de~
3 days ~Michiteyuku Toki no Kanata de~ Zhongwenhua Buding
ByVote: 6Ananana on 2021-12-02
ReviewIt must be said that the screenwriter of "3days" is very ambitious. In terms of plot design, you can see the similarities between "Ever17" and ''Higurashi no Naku Koro ni'' in many places. Male The protagonist continued to reincarnate in a short period of three days. He was tortured and killed again and again. The happiness he wanted to pursue was repeatedly trampled by unknown characters. Every time he was forcibly interrupted when he was about to approach HAPPY END. Then he was forced to come back three days ago until he finally found out the truth and changed his destiny. However, "3days" is considered to be a new point. Every time when the male protagonist and childhood sweetheart confess to each other and prepare to have sex, the villain breaks in, and then embarks on a depressing torture. The player is depressed. The villain’s timing of catching rape is so accurate every time. He always disrupts the situation at the moment when the male protagonist is about to insert and has not penetrated, and then starts his one-sided slaughter, destroying his childhood sweetheart to death in front of the male protagonist. , The last blow resulted in the life of the male protagonist. What makes players even more depressed is that this kind of BAD END and NTR plot is unavoidable. You must watch the tragedy happen and enter the next cycle. This is not over yet. After that, the male protagonist will die many times and be NTR many times. When the tragedy cycle reaches a certain number of times, the new branch option will appear. It will take about ten deaths before it Open the door of truth and find a way to avoid BAD END. "Just let me watch this if I take off my pants?" This sentence, which has been circulated on the Internet for a long time, is used in this game. It is really appropriate.

This kind of design that hung the player's expectations to half each time, but ruthlessly destroyed this expectation with the following curious content, it really made some players complain. Although curiosity itself is its eye-catching element, the work is full of suspenseful design, miscellaneous elements, and life and death. Given the efforts of the producers devoted to this work, they have a huge ambition to turn "3days" into a masterpiece.

But "3days" still failed to become a masterpiece because it was not completed enough. Similar plot design, this game uses completely different BAD END time and time again to bring players a tragic and almost desperate reincarnation of fate, and then use the last everyone to work together to defeat the tragic fate and bring players infinite The feeling of healing, the kind of touch when I saw the final outcome, is beyond reinforce. "3days" is not doing enough in this regard. On the one hand, the protagonist must choose one of three entanglements at the end. The depression that cannot make everyone happy makes it difficult for players to get enough satisfaction; on the other hand, the game The sudden appearance of fantasy elements in the middle part makes the sense of violation of the story become very serious. After entering the gate of reality for a long period of time, it is difficult for the author to adapt to this sudden change of atmosphere and setting.

Most importantly, I hope to give a piece of advice to players who plan to play this game: It is best to play this game with the help of a game guide.

[System] C
Some functions that are used in other games are not found or easy to find in "3days", and there are bugs in the game. However, it has its own unique system, which makes every BAD END part of the main line of the game, which is similar to "Ever17".

[Plot] B
The story design is very thoughtful. The S/L Dafa-like plot advancement is reminiscent of "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni". At the end of the game, it is quite convincing to see the moon. However, after opening the door to reality, the sudden introduction of fantasy settings greatly increased the sense of violation of the plot.

[Screen] C+
CG and Tachie are really not good-looking. Is the bloody picture a bright spot? But it's still a bit confusing.

[Music] A
The two theme songs are both good to listen to, and the BGM is also good, but every time the cell phone ringtone when the protagonist wakes up at the beginning of the plot, it seems very scary and serious.

[Gameplay] C-
Enter the various loops in front of the gate of reality. This is indeed gameplay, but it is really easy to make people crazy.

[工口] C+
The ergonomic part is the eternal pain in the hearts of the players. Every time they are caught and raped when the atmosphere is very good and they are about to go to the base. Before entering the final part, the players can only watch the unfinished plots and have a dry addiction.