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Review of Kansei

Kansei - Steam Edition
ByVote: 6yunari-ah419 on 2021-12-02
ReviewA strict improvement over the prequel. While not amazing or even great, I enjoyed this.
Finally the main cast have distinct personalities and motives. Sadly side cast is just as bland as in the prequel. One of side characters was teased to appear in this, but she only has one scene in the epilogue. What.
The mystery is kind of obvious, but alright enough. The pacing's a bit too slow for me, I guessed most revelations halfway through.
Navigation is far more tedious in this one(more locations, half of which don't do anything in the story). True ending is frustrating to get, I had to look up a guide to get it. I advice you do the same.
Art is much better compared to Josei, everything looks brighter and livelier. I wish there were more CGs though.
Music is slightly more attention worthy here, but most of it is forgettable. I really liked the track "Advance", it was well used. Voice acting has a bit more direction, but it's still cringy at best. Turn it off, you won't regret it.
If you can deal with tedious map navigation and liked Josei, play this. It's a good "second chapter" of the story.