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Review of Princess Battles

SubjectPrincess Battles
ByVote: 4yunari-ah419 on 2021-12-02
ReviewPlayed it back in 2015, remember it fondly. Sadly, it was worse than I thought.
The story is about Lillian, a young queen-to-be who may or may not be bitchy(you can pick choices to make her an angel, though). She and her female friends enjoy the "Princess Battles": a card game about being wealthy, than the whole tournament happens and the winner will take a crown and maybe a prince, as a bonus. Lillian tries to beat every other princess and claim her reward.
The story is nothing, it's a shounen tournament arc without cool characters or interesting fights. Male LIs have subplots, but sadly I wasn't able to pursue anyone due to the terrible game mechanics(more on that later). The characters are cliché and leave no lasting impression. MC is a big idiot, all female characters have one gimmick to them, all male characters barely do or say anything.
About the card battle system: it's broken. At first it's fun to strategize and use cards that consume the least resources but give less bonuses and vise versa. But after a few battles you gain more cards and your desk becomes bloated with either OP cards you can't use until you nearly max out your resources or cards that make you use OP cards for free. It's so strange in design. AI is brain dead, but they have good RNG at their side and use best cards in the game almost effortlessly. It's no fun at all.
The map navigation seems pointless(unless it's for romance purposes?). Most locations are empty or have one interaction with some of the characters. It's strange, to say at least.
Art is inconsistent. The devs decided to update male LI sprites but not for any female characters. The result is disjointed mess of styles. I didn't get any CGs, not sure if those exist. I liked outfit designs you get after winning battles, I wish there were more of them to collect.
Music is repetitive, probably less than ten tracks, battle theme is cool at first, but becomes grating when the fights get longer. Sound effects are annoying. Voice acting barely exists and isn't good when it does.
Tl;dr barely an otome, Princess Battles don't offer anything interesting in card game or visual novel side. It just exists.