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Review of VA-11 Hall-A

SubjectVA-11 Hall-A
ByVote: 9WYSGBT on 2021-12-02
ReviewVA-11 Hall-A, for me, the graphic is nice, the BGM suits the environment very well, and the gameplay (serving drinks) is really relaxing. Even though it looks like same tasks over and over again, but it is not boring for me at all, as the dialogue focused style makes a very good immersive story telling.
About the story, the main plot of this game is rather short. I consider the Jill and Lenore and Gabriella’s story as main story line, everything else is side story. Most of the game’s story contribute to build other characters, or just build up the background, telling you about this world. The character depiction is decent for this game, and the background is not half bad. Even though the main storyline is not long, I still very much enough it. The fear in the protagonist’s mind -about contacting Lenore again- raise a sympathetic response in me.
Overall, if you are looking for a story that focus on building its world and character with lots of side story and dialogues, VA-11 Hall-A will be an amazing choice for you.