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Review of Ryuusei World Actor

SubjectRyuusei World Actor
Liuxing·Shijie Yanyi Zhe
ByVote: 6WYSGBT on 2021-12-02
ReviewIt’s almost a signature of Kinugasa Shougo’s work: a powerful protagonist hiding his power, we have seen it in Akatsuki no Goei. Yet this work is far from finish, and if I judge this game along, the lack of crucial details about main plot makes me hard to complement this game’s story. from what I know, the sequel also has not fully explained them The motive of character seems a bit odd I really cannot understand why the protagonist want Claris to kill him. I mean, if he is feeling so bad about his mentor, he could choose to suicide and alter Claris’s memory to complete forgot everything rather than having his blood all over another living being’s hand, as he did not indicate the reason for not suiciding, this choice is very strange. And the motive for the villain that appeared latter half of the game is non-existence. You can argue that those will be explained in future games, but it still makes the reading experiences now not so pleasant. and a lot of things just seems to be forgotten. Like the shoot to kill order against that swordsman, but the protagonist still get punished for not taking him alive without a good explanation, WTF. To make things even worth, some part of this plot seems extremely childish. For instance, the first confrontation of Linda. All the routes, including the final routes is not refined at all. Most of the romance in this game is sudden and far stretched.
Although I dislike its story, the CG and standings are really beautiful, they are also the main reason that get me into this game. The BGM and the narration are mediocre. Overall, I can only give this game a score of 6, as I can see the writer are trying to create a large mystery but failed at unfolding it. If you want to try this game for the plot of it, I would suggest you wait for the sequel’s sequel to come out, which happens to be a web game.


#1 by infinispec
2021-12-03 at 08:03
< report >I just finished reading this today. I agree that all of the "romance" in the heroine routes seemed really sudden and hard to believe. I'm pretty sure the protagonist said the same thing to multiple heroines at the start of the h scenes and some of the scenarios were pretty ridiculous, so I just skipped through most of them. I agree it was pretty strange for the protagonist to be okay with Claris killing him. It seemed like he was trying to justify her killing him because he ignored her or something? It didn't really seem like he did anything wrong in the situation, so I'm not sure why he would intentionally allow her to have a misunderstanding and die for it. Overall I think the story is pretty good. The world seems interesting and the interactions between the characters is fun, but I feel the character routes themselves seem kind of rushed unfortunately.
#2 by WYSGBT
2021-12-04 at 06:47
< report >#1 That would be a personal preference, but now that you mentioned it, I am looking forward to exchange ideas about this story, maybe you can change my mind and make me enjoy this story as well, that would be ideal. Here is my more detailed reason why I've failed to enjoy this story, as I do not want to roast this game this much in main review, and if you really love the game, seeing others roasting it might not be pleasant so you can choose to avoid my analysis:

1. Background and world building. It’s not bad, but not brilliant either, just okay. The world is set on a world with multiple races, and the story was set on a nation which is the only nation in the world that was builds on multiple races, but no deep conflict or anything else that would make this background deep or though provoking has been discussed, so it’s just a normal world building. The magic and ability in this world don’t seems to be following rules, which is a bit worrying for me. I always like sophisticated background and rules about this kind of setting, as they will indicate what can and cannot each character do, makes plot more reasonable and prevents Deus ex Machina plot, but as no such rules has been set for this story, its worrisome.
2. Characterization. Only a few character feels developed in this novel, most of the character is really underdeveloped. The ideal characterization for me is everyone is doing what they think is right, or at least what they are supposed to do. For those who lost directions also has there struggling well explained. But the antagonist and some heroine in this VN is just lacking in this part. In my opinion only Claris and those four old colleagues appears in the epilogue are explained well enough.
3. Story organization. It utilized episode like style for the common routes, where those stories were not so interconnected but rather independent. Those episodes were not grasping enough, and some of them are rather disappointing. Take episode two for example. It introduced a killer who mistake Chiffon MacDougall – the heroine that cut down his arm - for a police officer and killing the police as an act of vengeance. The whole police department can do nothing about it, and it comes back to the heroine and the protagonist as the only way to stop him. Looking back at the story, the fact that this entire police department that is in charge of the whole nation’s security cannot handle this one killer feels so weird, I can understand the writer just want to introduce this heroine, but just for this introduction purpose make the whole department seems incompetent make the setting and the story feels weak.
4. Main plot. The main plot, in my opinion, is the story between protagonist and the cult. Sorry I don’t know the English translation of the cult’s name, I didn’t read the English release for this VN, so I will just refer it to “the cult”. The main conflict, the motive that drives the protagonist’s action is his hatred towards the cult, which is mentioned several times in the first 5 chapter, and finally revealed in the last chapter about how it begun. But there are several things about this cult that is frustrating me. This cult, or crime organization, what is its purpose or belief? For the most important part of this conflict, I cannot even understand why they do what they do. From what the writers told us in this part, it just feels like pure evil, which is meh for the most important villainous organization in the story.
5. The forgotten details. What about that mysterious species that supposed to bring havoc after releasing the monster in Chiffon MacDougall’s story? Nothing has been mentioned in anywhere, and I doubt it will be brought up again, making that part of the plot extremely week. Also, how come an assassin from other country that is set to be almost complete isolate, carrying the cult symbol, and the protagonist lost all his temper sighting the symbol on the first episode, and forgot all about it later, he did not follow it up, did not mention it to anyone, he could have asked Strichoss or Harrelson for some leads, but I guess the writer forgot this symbol too once it served its purpose for introducing the protagonist hatred towards the cult. This kind of mystery that builds the story that just been forgotten makes my really sad and hard to complement this story.
#3 by casualreader
2021-12-04 at 23:36
< report >#2 I played this too long ago and don't remember the answer to your questions, but reading them through, I recommend you play the sequel, as a lot more details about the plot are explained, including what drives the protagonist, more details on his powers and more details about the cult and the police as a whole.

Do note, however, the sequel also isn't the end, and there should be a third coming at some point. So if you don't want to be left in a cliffhanger, don't bother yet.

I can kind of answer item 3 from what I can remember though:
It's not that the police can do nothing about it, it's just that there are different wanted levels, and some are just too much for a regular police officer to deal with, which is why they were slaughtered. They have both more personnel (some which you've seen, Ruka's friends and old buddies) and equipment (like the prototypes Ruka uses, they were developed by the police as it is explained by him at some point). As far as I remember, Ruka is just the first to be able to bait the criminal, as he is a good detective. So it's not like only the two of them could've stopped them, they were just the first to get there.