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Review of HarmonEy

ByVote: 7.7llee1000 on 2020-09-15
ReviewIt's a comfy Slice of Life solely focused on the romantic relationship between two characters. There is a genuine relationship between the two characters and it's evident the amount of things they've been through together. There's a copious amount of dialogue dedicated to 付け焼刃の知識, which I love since it keeps things fresh and allows the characters to talk about new things, fleshing each other out. With the core theme being around 二人三脚, it really shows a nice touch to their relationship and how they care for each other. The little things they do for each other matter a lot and shows the progress of growth of their mutual love for each other. It's a soft relaxing read to just chill to, continue watching the two go about their daily lives.

It feels like a condensed toneworks and given my track record, I liked its style as lot, as it felt reminiscent of the style I adore so much. Caring for your loved one, spending time with them during the little moments, signs of affection even in the most mundane of activities, all of that is present and it just feels so good to read, constantly bringing a smile to my face.

It's as simple as it comes, but it does what it wants to do very well. It was very refreshing reading this, reading through some good wholesome romance that felt truly pure and organic.

There's no BS drama, as to not waste the reader's time. It's pure Slice of Life with a heavy focus on an already budded romantic relationship and I respect HarmonEy greatly for that. It may be small in scope, but the detail and effort on those things it does focus on is wonderful and seeing it in fruition is amazing, to say the least.