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Review of Pico to Chico - Shota Idol no Oshigoto

SubjectPico to Chico - Shota Idol no Oshigoto
ByVote: 2dm9430 on 2021-12-07
ReviewWell, I don't know what I was expecting when I saw this visual novel for the first time, I discovered Boku no Pico had a VN and I was curious, after all, if it wasn't for this atrocity of a fucking hentai I wouldn't be here today, so as one does, I played it.

Oh boy is it bad, there are A LOT of choices which don't even matter one bit, the art is dull as shit, there are no interesting visuals at all, the backgrounds are disgusting bland set pieces, 2/10 in the visual department.

Music wise... There are like 5 tracks that repeat on loop, most of them from the hentai, I mean, I don't blame them, I also wouldn't have put any effort on music for something this bad.

The voice actresses are wasted, they really are, nothing interesting at all, worse part is they have a nice voice which I hate admitting, literally would prefer listening to them in ANYTHING else but this.

It has these "click on their body parts" minigame, but it's forced, it's not good, it has only one conclusion and they literally don't do anything with it.

I can't complain about the story, it's as bland and as bad as the hentai, meaning there is none, which is not surprising considering it's a nukige, but even then, it's imouto paradise level of storytelling.

In conclusion, don't play this, just don't, go play good visual novels, heck, even moeges or charages will fucking do, idc, but DON'T play this, it's overpriced as shit, bland, boring and stupid as fuck.



#1 by vninfohata
2021-12-07 at 12:58
< report >kamige
#2 by Ileca
2021-12-07 at 14:12
< report >Guy hated the anime.
He played the game for the lulz, expecting to hate it as well.
Guess what? He hated it.

Worst kind of review.
Sure, the game is not great. It’s ok-meh.
However, you spot the bullshit when the guy starts talking about "no interesting visuals at all" when the art is pretty fappable.
Was this review helpful? NO, especially with this attempt to hide the prejudice behind some ridiculous objectivity that fools no one.Last modified on 2021-12-07 at 14:25