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Review of Kouman Tsuma Kanraku!!! ~Ii Onna Dakedo Ya na Onna~

SubjectKouman Tsuma Kanraku!!! ~Ii Onna Dakedo Ya na Onna~
Kouman Tsuma Kanraku!!! ~Ii Onna Dakedo Ya na Onna~ Download Edition
ByVote: 9ketsuma on 2020-09-16
Reviewalthough it was simple, this was a wonderful game, which trapped me and made me play from beginning to end! The game is a beautiful Netori, in which the protagonist fucks a married woman with a son and already well established, whose name is Kyouka!
Kyouka is a beautiful, proud and aggressive woman, who has a secret, she likes to show off her beautiful body on a social network for adults! until one day the protagonist, who works at the same company as her, and who is a neighbor, suspects that Kyouka is the woman who shares her body photo with others, due to a photo she shares on the net that appears in the background the toy rabbit of your child owns! so to keep your secret, Kyouka will have to have sex for 2 months with us, and then we will forget it or not ..

the sex scenes are wonderful due to the perfect Character Designer, Kuzumi, the clothes that Kyouka wears are always sexy! your body is well designed! one of the best Nukige artists I've ever seen!
you always have the option to remove her glasses, and her vagina and ass hair!
Sex Scene 10/10
the fact that she has a son and we fuck her in front of her son, it's very hot!
it is a simple game, with 10 hours, but that I will remember forever, and I will play it again soon, for me there should be a sequence! Studio Pork nailed it here, and left Part Tsuma no Jouji in the shoes.
Must PLAY NUKIGE, the bad thing is that it ends!