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Review of Great Deceiver

SubjectGreat Deceiver
Great Deceiver - Download Edition
ByVote: 6ketsuma on 2020-09-16
Reviewok, this is a average empress game! before we judge it! we need to know that game cost to us only 2,000 ienes! unlike other games who cost 8,000! this is enough for us to dont analyze as a big Nukige!
the game is very short, there are few sex scenes! and they aren't good, mostly torture, reminding us of the classic Starless! I would say this game is a quick revisit on Starless! because although the sexual torture scenes weren't enough, the songs are the same! but for anyone who is a fan of Sei Shoujo and his art! anything is welcome after 5 years without release anything!
I am really sad that we have so many talented artists in the fridge, it shows us how cruel the Japanese market in Nukiges is! we have Ichikawa Saasha from Ai Shimai IV ant others classic Nukiges, who left the industry! an incredible artist! and now we have Sei Shoujo, who is limited to making pillow designers! I really wanted to see a great game by Empress and Sei Shoujo in a medieval age, with witches and magic! as Astrounaut Sirius has been doing lately! but I fear that no more Sei Shoujos games will be released!