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Review of Furifure

ByVote: 7.8thegenius1104 on 2021-12-24 last updated on 2021-12-25
ReviewIf you love 1room and Teaching Feeling, you'll probably like this one.

A good visual novel about a runaway sad little girl abused by her family and never feels happy herself. Started off with our protagonist being a jerk and hurt her on top of that. But the relationship between them gradually becomes genuine with the MC being able to get her out of her prison and give her the happiness she wants and deserves, as well as the girl saving our protag lifeless life from bottomless misery. The game's tone is sad and heavy, but our Yui is so sweet of a girl that will make you feel like being saved, being healed, like an angel you don't deserve dragging you out of hell. People with a bit of depression might love the tone very much cause our protag is suffering from it too, and he doesn't know how to fix it at the start. This makes him a tragic villain that can be either good or evil depending on your choice. The ending is good enough, as our protag becomes decisive and willing to sacrifice anything for her, to make her happy, and to finally save himself.

Overall, a sweet romance story that will make you happy but not something exceptional or mindblowing like Danganronpa, Dies Irae,... or honeyed rom-com like Smee's Making Lovers that'd make you smile a lot. In short, it's like lofi music with its healing effect when you're tired and by yourself.

The evil route(s) is a bit painful to take if you've just finished the romance route. She's too kind to you in the good ending that it's mentally painful to choose to hurt her, at least for me. But for the sake of completion, I'm going to go as deep as I can. The evil route is where you're a complete villain like those rape and blackmail games. Your prey is obedient and completely under your control without showing real resistance. She doesn't even cuss you or insult you despite everything you did. It's about breaking a pure girl not knowing how to deal with bad situations. Oh, did I also mention? There's a mmf threesome scene with another man, but

BGM is good and suits the game's atmosphere perfectly, but nowhere near Kamige tier like Sharin no Kuni, Subahibi,... Voice acting is top tier, Yui's voice is sweet, gentle, cute, and suits her character perfectly. Artstyle is average-good to me, simple and realistic but suits the melancholic tone and our MC monotonous life.

Recommendations: 1room, Teaching Feeling, Kami-machi Sana-chan, COM3D2, Nai's Training Diary,... Short VNs about healing and being healed.
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#1 by forever-here
2021-12-24 at 06:29
< report >there are 3 endings though and you probably got the good end. there's a neutral and bad end.

edit: I actually prefer the neutral end. its the perfect distance for their relationship.Last modified on 2021-12-24 at 06:32