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Review of Rewrite

ByVote: 10funnerific on 2020-09-16
ReviewA fun ride with a great cast and an interesting setting. The heroine routes vary in quality and genre, having different writers. Up until the true route it's just a pretty good game and would get a 7 or 8 from me.

Romeo changes that. The true route is fantastic. Being one of the best stories I've ever read, it takes you on a journey with one of the best protagonists out there in highly interesting environments. This part isn't about any heroines. It's about Kotarou and his story. And what a story it is.

I'd like to note that I'm extremely happy with the 2nd season of the Rewrite anime, which does the true route justice. It's faithful and does a good job of depicting the events that were previously only in written form. I can't recommend it enough, once you've read the true route.