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Review of Zoku Kurokami Kyonyuu Iinchou to Souta-kun no Natsuyasumi

SubjectZoku Kurokami Kyonyuu Iinchou to Souta-kun no Natsuyasumi
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barfboy on 2021-12-30
ReviewThe latest game in the black haired big tits committee chair games. This one is actually not as much like the previous titles. In this one the sisters Shiori and Yuri are given the task of spending time with their cousin Shouta in the countryside. In previous games it's about Yuri and then Shiori being stripped nude in public and being molested in classrooms and crowds. This is much more about sneaking around trying not to be caught while either naked or not wearing enough to cover themselves. So it's a thematic difference. Shouta also enlists his friends that are also young boys to molest and rape the sisters so there's a lot more straight shotacon than even the previous title. It also includes some scenes of the sisters being treated as pets instead of simply exhibitionists which is also a great change.

Much better and more enjoyable than the previous two titles because of the thematic difference. The embarrassment is heightened by trying not to be caught and well, being caught anyway. Because it's a small town the stakes aren't as high so that may not be enjoyable for some but I found it quite fulfilling.
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