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Review of Koiiro Soramoyou

SubjectKoiiro Soramoyou
ByVote: 4funnerific on 2020-09-16
ReviewDisclaimer: I've only read the common route. However, what I saw convinced me that this is terrible.

Do you have friends? Do they respect your opinions? Because the moment our protag feels slightly different about some event (some kind of festival), not understanding why everyone cares, every single heroine (and other characters) treats him like a traitor and looks at him with contempt. It was a very wtf moment, especially because he was on very good terms with them.

Then the game makes an abrupt shift from your regular lighthearted comedy to "your island is now occupied by bad guys who hit a guy on the head and put him in a coma (or something like that) and get away with it." Island settings tend to be bad because of how isolated they make the stage (no escape, no police, no connection to the rest of the world — this lets villains get away with anything), and this is a particularly bad case.

Seeing how this game has such high ratings, I assume people just don't care about these things... shrug.