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Review of Air

Air - Standard Edition
ByVote: 8exoticbankai on 2020-09-16
ReviewA great classic, imperfect in many ways but a true experience like most key visual novel.

The girls were mostly likeable but only one will be memorable for me.

Hard to say anything about the good and the bad of the plot and routes without spoiling, there is really great and interesting stuff for sure worth experiencing, but out of 5 routes only two really stood out as great for me.

Good music and great voice acting.

The art is well know for being controversial, i genuinely love it personally.

The sex scene were as terrible as in the studio previous game Kanon, they're extremely short, come out of nowhere and only make you ask what what the point of having them, but obviously they don't matter as this is a story game.

I would absolutely recommend it !