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Review of Kanon

Kanon - Standard Edition
ByVote: 9exoticbankai on 2020-09-16
ReviewIt was truly a great experience, first key vn and it shows, this is far from perfect, but i found so much to like and enjoy, and it made me feel a lot of emotions that none of the flaw really hindered my enjoyment.

The heroines while pretty unoriginal are really likeable, the plot for each route is good for the most part, the drama is sometimes a bit weird in the way it's done and brought up.

I'm in the minority who like the art.

The music is really good but there is a noticeable lack of track overall, the voice acting is top notch, Makoto And Ayu voices are really outstanding.

Worried at first as it appeared to be rather basic and unoriginal, i ended up really loving it, a visual novel truly worthy of the title of classic, absolutely recommended !