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Review of Zhu Sheng Jihua

SubjectZhu Sheng Jihua
Zhu Sheng Jihua
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forever-here on 2022-01-10
Reviewto describe this in 1 word: soulless.

not to sound like stereotyping but this is definitely what I'd call "made in China". it's processed, mass-produced, made with precision but nothing else. there's no flare to it. even the setting, which sounds nice at first, is placed into the backburner and what I got from the 4 chapters is just them going kyaa-kyaa icha-icha ufufu and nothing else. zero tension despite them being in a very questionable island. that said, dropped like a mofo.

also mentioning the interface because there are times where clicking does nothing, which is annoying because this means sometimes you double-click and accidentally skip one line. the music is also barebones there's no variety. really disappointed in this one.
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