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Review of Zang Hua - Anhei Taohuayuan

SubjectZang Hua - Anhei Taohuayuan
Zang Hua - Anhei Taohuayuan
ByVote: 8.5georgankar on 2022-01-12
ReviewAt first, I did not have high hopes for this work, but I was pleasantly surprised by how good the plot turned out to be. It's a really interesting, deep and convoluted story. Some characters may seem a bit underdeveloped, but I think it's mainly due to the relatively short length of the novel. The music is superb, a very pleasant mix of modern and traditional Chinese tunes. The Chinese voiceover is also great.
P.S. I don't know who on the earth decided to give a low rating to this novel, but these people are terribly wrong. My guess is that those low rating were given only because the novel doesn't have any translation. Well, that wasn't very smart of them, not at all.