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Review of Harem☆Party

Harem Party - Download Edition
ByVote: 5forever-here on 2022-01-14
Reviewnot bad, but definitely not good. perfect for a 5/10 score.

I only finished one route which was Cleo (best girl btw). what made it not so good? so much text for so little happening. granted you *can* just skip the h-scenes since most of them are just an excuse for H. but what are you getting left then? a hero that wouldn't awaken until the plot demanded it. until the plot demands it, guess what you get? H, H and more H. and when it awakens at the most critical time the game ends because it did what it supposed to do. slap a generic ending and call it a game. it's so dull everything is so predictable. I wanted to try Agnes route since she's the type that will be love stricken like a typical otome but the skips aren't worth it imo.

oh, Anzu bad end is worth the visit. it's short but great