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Review of Sekai de Ichiban Dame na Koi

SubjectSekai de Ichiban Dame na Koi
ByVote: 9.3m0lnarr on 2022-01-14
ReviewHow incredibly solid a story this was.

Humor is a hard aspect to do right, but Sekai de Ichiban Dame na Koi really manages to make the reader laugh through the incredibly witty dialogue and the superb flow and chemistry between the characters (' voice actors).

The story, while somewhat laid back does have its serious moments, and those are the peak parts of the narrative. While scenes feel fragmented and somewhat episodic at times, there is no real disconnect between them, which was my only fear when starting to read DameKoi. All subjects have been tactfully touched upon too, which I was curious to see happen.

The characters are the main part of the story, obviously, and they all are incredibly real and likable (not at first though, which makes the process of slowly liking them more and more even better - my favorite character now was my most disliked at first). Great music, unfortunately not too many songs to choose from, but they do result in a unique atmosphere, which is very important to me. The art style is also beautiful, reminiscent of early 2000's anime, which might be a change of pace in this medium, and a welcome one at that.

With routes of varying quality, DameKoi still manages to present a serious subject through some entertaining characters and a very unique type of humor, and while some problems are quite apparent (supposedly all resolved in Maruto Fumiaki's bigger title, WA2), it's still incredibly endearing and a joy to read. If you're even slightly considering picking this up, you totally should.